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Welcome to Quality Content Teaching & Learning (

– a place where middle and high school teachers of core subjects (math, science, language arts, social studies) can share tools and techniques that will make both teaching and learning more efficient and effective.

Through the website, teachers can discuss what each is teaching (see Forums), and they can utilize on-line tools (e.g. Vital Signs of Learning Surveys and scoring guides) to measure and monitor students’ academic needs, responses, and gains. 

Faced with the competing challenges of increased class sizes but reduced personnel and higher academic standards but lower levels of support, our projects provide a place where teachers can find tools and techniques to help identify, understand, and serve students’ learning needs.  Current projects involve a three-way partnership with high need school districts and the University of Oregon’s College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences. 

QCTeach Projects work on a general principle that research informs practice and practice informs research – a continuous, interdependent loop essential to continuous improvement of both teaching and learning for students as well as for teachers and researchers. 

Projects include opportunity and community for:

  • Needs assessment – ways to engage with students to identify their learning needs, adjust instruction, and measure learning gains
  • Self-regulated learning – ways to empower students to take charge of their own learning goals and progress
  • Unit & lesson studies – ways for core content teachers to collaborate on lesson design, delivery, and improved learning
  • Reducing time and distance through electronic media – ways to deliberate, share, exchange, and explore efficiently and economically

Funding for these projects have come from:

  • US Dept. of Education – Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE)
  • US Dept. of Education – Title II, Part A, University-School Partnership Grants

Contact information:

Dr. Marilyn R. Olson
University of Oregon
College of Education

1244 Walnut, Suite 200

Eugene, OR 97403

Phone: (541) 346-2881



Academic Wellness Project Packet 2016-17

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Academic Wellness & the Common Core (AWCC) Project